I'm Fedor Rychkov

Hi, I'm a web developer. Now I mainly work on the creation and promotion of web sites. Let's start scrolling and learn more about me.


About me

Hi, i'm Fedor Rychkov

I'm a student who fell in love with programming while studying at university. It's a great pleasure for me to learn new technologies and improve my skills in IT. In my free time I create web sites and I do it more than one year. During this short period I created several dozens of unique web sites, so my customers make a profit daily. You can learn more by downloading the doc below.

Contact Details

Fedor Rychkov

Mushtari 8 - 22

Kazan, Tatarstan 420012 Russia

+7 (967) 363-21-00



Kazan Federal University September 2014

I'm a student at the Kazan Federal University from 2014 onwards. Now I study on 3 course. With 2 courses I started creating web sites to order.


Mobinetsystem July 2015

Mobinetsystem is my first job in this sphere. I worked for this company as a web developer and advertiser.

Freelancer October 2015

Since October 2015 I have been doing web development as a freelancer.


I know my job and I can make it without problems

UI/UX Design

In addition to these skills, I also improve myself in the development of games and applications using Blender, Animate Studio, Unity, Unreal Engine and other programs. This summer I'm starting a new project - a 2D platformer.


If you have any questions or want to contact me, you can send your message in the contact form.

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